You will usually be able to see the number of items of a particular product we have in stock immediately above the ‘Add to Basket’ functionality on a product page. However, our suppliers will occasionally run short of stock and you will then see ‘Available on back-order’ on the product detail page instead.

In this case, you are still given the opportunity to purchase at the currently prevailing price (often discounted) but you will need to wait just a little longer for delivery. In most cases, we will have a specific ‘docking date’ to communicate (usually within 4 weeks) when the next container is due to arrive.  However, it could take up to 10 weeks, in the most extreme case.

You can request an availability date before you purchase either via our contact form or instant messenger (using the link at the bottom right of the screen) and we should be able to let you know what the current lead time is for a specific product.

Otherwise, we will let you know exactly when you can expect your item to be dispatched shortly after your purchase has been confirmed.

** COVID UPDATE: July 2020 **

Most of the wholesalers who supply us have been caught out by disrupted supply from Asia combined with increased demand for home furniture here in the UK. Unfortunately, being popular collections, all Urban Elegance and Nine Schools furniture not currently in stock is only available with an 8 to 10 week delivery lead time. All retailers not holding their own stock will be in exactly the same position as us, I’m afraid.