Global Inspiration – Travelling Without Moving!

Many of us dream about dropping everything and heading off into the sunset to experience the bigger world around us.

You may have already travelled many countries of the world or you’re planning your next trip. For many, however, their feet are firmly on the ground and they’re not setting off anywhere in a hurry.

There are many reasons why even the biggest nomads may settle in one place, either permanently or temporarily. That should be no reason not to invite a sense of globally inspired richness and vibrance into your home’s interior style.

Get ready to be inspired!

“If You Want to Travel, Just Go Travelling” I Hear You Shout!

“It’s not that simple!” you want to shout back.

There are many reasons why travelling can be difficult. Perhaps you have small children and the thought of lugging all their stuff onto a plane makes you break into a cold sweat rather than bubble with excitement.

You may be at a pivotal point in your career where there simply isn’t time for a three-month trek around Nepal. Health may be an issue, finances or family commitments.

I could list a million reasons why travelling isn’t for you right now but why would I when we have a simple solution to bring global inspiration into your home.

What is Global Inspiration Anyway?

Global inspiration comes from being inspired by the people and places that you have met and experiences throughout your lifetime.

Your experiences are unique to you, so each person’s inspiration will be very different from the next and that is exactly what makes this style so appealing.

This style is a million miles from going to a high-street shop and buying everything in a range just because it matches.

Let your surroundings and your experiences inspire you.

Learn from your style about where in the world you would most like to visit when you do get the chance and perhaps even learn some craft skills along the way.

Be guided by the people in your life and those that live in the home with you. If your child has a keen passion for climbing trees and being outdoors, perhaps their bedroom could have a tipi as a reading nook. You could use twigs and branches to create a hanging mobile on a rainy afternoon and the curtain pole could even be created from a sturdy stripped branch with colourful printed fabric draped over it. What better way to detract the little ones from wanting plastic toys strewn all over their rooms?!


Take inspiration from parts of the world you would most like to visit when you do get the chance. Be inspired by and learn from your surroundings. Take the opportunity to really look around you. Perhaps you will find that true inspiration comes from far closer to home than you may have expected. Go for walks in the forest and on the beach. Bring different materials into the home and see what fits best. That pebble you nearly overlooked may become your favourite ornament and a lovely reminder of a day on the beach for years to come.

The Many Benefits of Globally Inspired Style

  • Truly create your own style – Creating your own style can and should be fun. You don’t have to have a clear picture of the finished product. In fact, you shouldn’t. It is meant to evolve. Your imagination is your only limitation and it will start to flow as you really get into and enjoying using it more.
  • Support independent designers and age-old craftsmanship – Enrich your home through diverse the incorporation of diverse cultures  by supporting artisans with skills that can never be recreated with a machine. By supporting crafts people you are supporting micro economies, sustainability and celebrating and showcasing beautiful crafts.
  • Use natural materials – Neutralise the negative effect of technology and man-made materials in the home by surrounding yourself in more natural materials. This helps to create a more calming, cleaner home environment.
  • Quality and sustainability – With the sustainability of the earth in mind, it is important to try to steer away from over consumption of mass produced, cheaply made and disposable products.
  • Mix and match – Have fun experimenting. Mix old and new. Layer and display items creating an eclectic and fun mix. Your style can evolve over time.
  • Invest in heirloom pieces that will stay in the family for generations to come – Incorporate heirloom pieces that you have inherited with investment pieces that you imagine your off-spring one day cherishing in the same way. These are the items that mean so much to you because of the many associated memories. The beauty of this look is nothing has to match so everything you love has a place.
  • Layer fabrics and mix materials – Globally inspired fabrics can come in the softest earthy tones or the brightest boldest prints. With a keen eye you can really enhance fabrics by mixing them thoughtfully. Neutral looks are all good but need a bit of v ava voom sometimes!
  • Your loved ones will never be short of a birthday or Christmas gift idea again! – Let your friends and family do the travelling for you. When your aunt visits that market in Marrakesh she can confidently buy you that beautiful shawl knowing you will love it. If your traditional Moroccan tea pot that your best friend brought you years ago starts to leak, no worries, just use it to store trinkets instead

So, Where Do You Start?

It might seem obvious but the best place to start is at home! You will be surprised how a lot of your household items will suit your new look.

You will probably want to incorporate your sentimental items so by starting with them, the style will flow. Don’t worry about being a bit ruthless though. You don’t have to keep everything. There are always car boot sales, charity shops, sales pages and many more places to, not only sell your unwanted items, but also to rummage for new gems!

This look suits a plain backdrop, so if you are in rental accommodation and feeling oppressed by those magnolia walls commonly associated with rental properties, you are in luck!

If you want to experiment with colour on your walls, hold off until you have some of the main fabrics and let the colours in them lead. You may be able to pick out a rustic orange, aqua blue or mustard yellow which you would never otherwise have braved! Your favourite throw, rug or cushion can act as your mood board helping you create an eclectic but coherent style.

Next you want to think about statement pieces of furniture. This is key to the look being successful on a practical sense as well as injecting style. Our Urban Chic, Coastal Chic and anything in our Artisan range are very stylish and practical options with a sense of far away lands.

Shelves are a great way to have a place for favourite items to shine while offering practical storage solution and helping to create a cosy and welcoming ambience. Remember plants clean the air and books soften the acoustics. Shelves are also the most versatile. You can add, remove and change the presentation at your whim.

Finally, have fun. If you have been travelling before then bring in your favourite items. Remember this is all about telling or creating a story. Think outside the box. You don’t have to hang framed pictures. What about album covers, macramé wall hangings and planters, rugs, car registrations from your road trip in that old VW, concert posters and even dainty beaded handbags look great. Some larger rooms can easily accommodate an old vintage bike or statement art sculpture. All are a nod to a story untold creating intrigue when you have visitors.

Just have fun and watch as your style evolves.

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