How to Make Use of Forgotten Spaces

We are all guilty of having forgotten space in our homes with spare rooms that are barely used and empty space scattered around the house that could be utilised better.

It can be difficult to design and arrange furniture in a way that makes use of every available area in the house so we have put together a little ‘How To’ guide full of tips to help you make use of your forgotten space without losing style.

Make Room for Storage

Using storage areas is a great way to free up space in your house, with more space you have more room to make use of allowing you to add the home office you’ve always wanted or perhaps a dining area?

Casamo offer a great range of storage units perfect for any room in the house, so you can save space wherever you need! Thanks to our wide range of collections we have a variety of different styles and sizes to choose from. Fancy a classic oak piece? Try our Elegance Oak Storage Unit.  Perhaps you’re looking for something smaller, in which case our Whitehaven Painted Storage Unit could be perfect for you!

Use the Space Under the Stairs

Mostly used as a storage, the area under the stairs is truly a forgotten space that could be utilised in a much more effective way!

A great idea would be to turn it into your own personal reading nook as the area is typically small and cosy! A perfect place to settle down with your favourite book or get the kids reading! Get started on creating this today as Casamo offer a beautiful range of bookcases that would fit perfectly!

Alternatively, you could turn the area into the home office you’ve always wanted with our collection of Home Office furniture!

A Multi-Purpose Room

There are so many spare rooms that go unused due to the understanding that it will be used when guests come to stay. However, if you’re rarely having guests over perhaps it’s time to consider utilising the spare room in another way?

Multipurpose rooms are so useful because it means you won’t have to completely get rid of your guest rooms! Instead you can rework and design the room in a way that creates more space and allows it to be used for multiple things.

Perhaps you can sacrifice the size of the bed to create more room, Casamo offers Single, Double and Kingsize beds so the choice is easy!

Utilise corner space and add a Corner TV Unit for a entertaining TV Set up or Corner Desk for that all important Home office! Corner uses space more efficiently so you can fit more in and still create a spacious feeling.

Get Creative with Mirrors

Last, but not least, mirrors are an effective way to fill empty, or forgotten, space. Not only are they useful, but they can instantly double the appearance of a room with the power to make a small room feel much larger and even brighter!

Take a look at our range of Mirrors and begin making use of forgotten space today!

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