Scandinavian Style

Influenced by 19th Century minimalism and the modernist movement, Scandinavian interior style is as popular today as ever.

The long-lasting success and popularity of Scandinavian style is largely thanks to its balance between practicality, functionality and style with a great importance placed on appreciating the natural environment.

The Scandinavian look stems from a love of the man-made thanks to Scandinavia’s industrialisation starting much later than elsewhere in the developed world. There is a great importance placed on celebrating the home and the family which has influenced the look and may be why it resonates with so many people worldwide. Quality is the core of this look and partly why it is a classic winner for all tastes and all budgets. There is nothing garish or pretentious about the look and importance is placed on creating a warm welcoming homely environment for all.

  • White walls with large windows so light can flood in
  • Natural sheer fabrics and floating wooden furniture to add to that sense of airiness and space
  • An abundance of storage to keep clutter at bay and enhance the streamline simplicity of the look
  • Wooden floating statement furniture pieces that are practical and timelessly stylish
  • Simple understated functional accessories and furniture
  • Statement pieces are optional

Storage – Let the Form Follow the Function

Always ensure you have sufficient storage and by that I don’t just mean huge chests to throw everything in to never be found again! We’ve all had one of those spaces that just becomes the household clutter bug and there’s certainly nothing tranquil about that space!

The storage space must be fit for purpose; shoe containers for shoes, a book case for books. You see where I’m going with this! Storage doesn’t have to be boring but it does have to work. Our range of storage furniture perfectly combines that practicality with style complimenting the Scandinavian minimal look.

Wooden furniture has and always will be the most popular choice because high quality well-crafted wooden furniture speaks for itself. It has a natural understated beauty thanks to its natural appearance and soft tones and creates a relaxed environment.

For a true Scandi look always choose “floating” lighter looking statement pieces. These add to that feel of airiness and space within the room and give the streamline look. Furniture that sits heavily on the ground can sometimes look a bit clunky and heavy and doesn’t compliment the Scand look. One or two pieces are fine but not as the overall look.

It may seem somewhat of a contradiction but floor to ceiling furniture works brilliantly in large well-lit rooms in giving the same feel as floating furniture thanks to the minimalist streamline look they provide. Always ensure such large pieces are in a lighter varnished wood so light can bounce off them back into the room.

Scandinavian Style, Lifestyle & Affordability

Everyone will be pleased to hear that it doesn’t have to be expensive to create this look.

Thanks to its core principles being simple, relaxed, minimal and practical the look can be achieved on a shoestring budget.

Scandi style benefits greatly from large windows that allow light to flood the room and white washed walls as its pallet. Don’t worry if you aren’t blessed with high ceilings and a sunny south facing room, the same feel can be achieved with clever lighting tricks. Once you have your white walls you have the blank canvas in which to create the look.

Now all you need is to think about what the room will be used for and how you need it to work for you. This is where clever choices in furniture are important and getting it right at this stage will serve you well for years to come. To put it simply you need enough furniture to hide away all clutter easily when it is not in use and to be able to find it easily when it is needed. Have a look at our storage solutions and modular pieces.

Keep it Sleek & Simple or Mix & Match

Accessorising; now this is where you can have some fun with the look. Be careful though, you don’t want to overdo it at this stage and make it look cluttered or cliched.

You now have a choice and that is whether you want to fully embrace the natural tones of the wood and natural fabrics or whether you wish to add a few bursts of colour with statement rugs, lampshades and/or cushions.

Both styles are still well within the Scandi look and the great news is that the bursts of colour work brilliantly with the natural hues and the whitewash canvas.

This choice depends how much you want the Hygge (sense of wellbeing) to be the priority of the room’s feel and the room you are working with.

If the room has a lot of character with different textures, high ceilings, large windows, maybe a brick or wooden wall then it may be best to sing from that hymn sheet and celebrate these features of great architecture.

If the room is a bit of a boring box then here’s your chance to let your creative juices follow and inject some playful fun character with some great feature pieces. You could simply add a large rug, an oversized vase or a few scatter cushions or you could really go to town with the light features and inject a bit of industrial modernism.

Either way large plants are always a welcome addition to this look and enhance the natural, calming airiness of the feel. I would always say that whatever accessories you do decide to add, it is always best if the piece means something to you and has a story behind it. Maybe your best friend bought you a beautiful print while on holiday. Well why not get it framed and make that a feature piece? Or perhaps you could frame a cluster of your children’s best paintings as a happy keepsake to enjoy and share with your nearest and dearest.

Random items you find in shops may look great and may catch your eye in the shop but all too often they fail to pass the test of time and never really make it into the “I love this” category once they are home. This type of pointless consumerism goes against the ethos of creating that “hygge” tranquil and simplistic space that the Scandinavian look is celebrated worldwide for.

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