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It may be February but there are already welcome signs of Spring in the air!

The daffodils are blooming, the sky is a lovely shade of blue (most days) and everyone seems to have a bit more of a spring in their step. The light is that little bit crisper and brighter and we are ready to enjoy the warmth of the sunshine.

Well, it’s time to Spring clean and tackle the clutter head on.

Where Do We Start?

Spring cleaning can seem daunting but with a few simple tips and suitable storage systems it can be a fun and rewarding task.

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Our Recommended Storage Solutions

Spring Cleaning

Step 1 – Get in the Mood for a Spring Clean

Be in the right mood for the task. Expect it to take a few hours and commit 100%.

Prepare your tools and set up your sound system for some loud energetic music.

Step 2 – Declutter

Have a plan. The best Spring clean is when you remove things from the home for good. It can be difficult to accept that once loved and cherished items no longer have a place in your home but there’s always a good home for good items even if it is no longer your home.

Avoid throwing items out at all costs. One person’s rubbish is another’s treasure and there really is a home for everything. Old towels can go to pet rescue centres. Old scrappy books and ragged clothes can be upcycled, reused and used for craft activities. Scratched and dented pots and pans are always welcome in nursery and school mud kitchens and will have a long and loved life there.

Have a charity, share, sale and recycle/reuse pile. To avoid the controversial dump pile, be more conscious about what you bring into the house in the first place. This could be the mother of all Spring cleans and change your relationship with things all together; better for your wallet, wellbeing and the environment as well as the home!

By passing your once loved items on you may even enjoy making a bit of money along the way and enjoy a day at a car boot sale or table top sale.

Step 3 – Be Methodical

This stage depends a little on how you work. Whatever way suits you best, be methodical and consistent.

Some people like starting in one room and moving on to the next room after each room is completed; declutter, clear cupboard space, check under the bed, the deepest recesses of the understairs cupboard… everywhere!

Others are taken being swept up by the Marie Kondo principle of decluttering in which you tackle different items at a time. Pile all your clothes onto a bed and work through them and then move onto books, etc. You may like to thank your items for their service before you pass them on as recommended by Marie Kondo. That’s up to you.

Give it a go… what’s the harm?

Step 4 – Clean

Once the clutter is cleared it’s so much easier to clean. Start at the top of the room. Dust gets everywhere and gravity dictates so leave the floors until last or you will only make more work for yourself.

As you go around keep a notepad so you can make a list of any DIY tasks that need doing or any shabby items that need replacing.

Reward yourself with a cup of tea and a good book when you’ve finished!

Step 5 – Think About Storage

Storage. It could be time to accept your storage system is not up to the job.

There’s nothing worse than a child’s room that is never tidy no matter how much time you spend on your hands and knees collecting and clearing plastic dinosaurs and teddies.

What about all those books you simply couldn’t get rid of ? You will get around to reading them one day. Right? Well, that’s much more likely if they are stored or displayed effectively and this is where your furnishings should serve you well.

Casamo to the Rescue!

We can really help make this Spring clean the one to put all others to shame.

We could help free up hours of your Spring and Summer days, free you from the dreaded battle of thankless daily cleaning and clearing.

All you need is super storage and we have the most beautiful ranges for you to choose from.

A Style for All Tastes

No matter your style there really is something for everyone’s here! From our beautiful unique and authentic Urban Chic range to our more classic Mayan Walnut

Casamo really can add that statement piece which will store all those items you couldn’t part with.

There really is so much to choose from just browse our range here https://www.casamo.co.uk/  and because we love our loyal customers so much and it’s actually still only February, you get to enjoy our Winter sale too!

Nordic Inspiration

We couldn’t let you go without sharing a few examples from our current favourite range.

This is a beautiful Mid Century inspired Nordic range with a modern twist. It’s simple modern design would look great in any home and provides wonderful storage. The smooth finish of the wood, the pastel shades of paint and the Scandinavian style legs give each piece a lightness.  The greys are very on trend at the moment and compliment many different styles.

Find many more Nordic inspired pieces in the website.

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